We are based in Newington, Homebush and our aim is to serve the local community with our culinary efforts by bringing variety to the tastebuds of our neighbours. Our passion for authentic Malaysian food, has fueled our desire to create many delicious dishes that bring back memories and tastes of 'just the way Mother used to cook them' and be true to those hawker stalls that used to ply the streets. Springing from this source of inspiration we plan to tease your palate with food that is not normally on mainstream menus.

Party Orders


Sushi platter(small)______ $30 for 30 pieces
Rice paper rolls (small) ___$30 for 20 pieces
Satay chicken __________$1.20 per skewer
Thai fish cakes _________ $1 per piece
Curry puffs_____________$1 a puff
Spring rolls ____________$1 per piece
Top Hats * ____________ $1 per piece
Tom Tom ** ___________ $1 per piece
Peking duck $2 per piece
(w/pancake wrap)


Bruschetta (tomato and basil) __$1.20 per piece
Mini quiche (Quiche Lorraine)__ $1 per piece
Melon balls with proscuitto ____$1 per piece
Dips - spinach and sour cream
- borlotti beans
- Mexican
dips come with :
totillas/ pitta bread $15 ea (for 10 -15 people)


Mixed antipasto (for 10 -12 people) ________ $100
Fruit platter (seasonal) (8 - 10 people)_______$35
Cheese platter ( w/crackers) (8 - 10 people) __$40
Gourmet cheese (w/crackers) (8 - 10 people) _$70
Sweet (mini muffins, friands, (8 - 10 people) __$30
cup cakes, biscuits
Cakes on request :
(eg bluberry cake, banana cake, cheesecake)

*Top Hats or Pie Tee are a delicious
combination of finely julienned
vegetables topped with meat or prawns
in a dainty crispy case shaped like a
top hat.

**Tom Toms are a meat and vegetable
filling wrapped in crispy wanton skin.

We will deliver free if the order is above $150 within Sydney.

Dinner Menu





Saltimbocca alla Romama
(Chicken escalopes with ham and sage)
Pollo Caciatore
(Braised chicken with special tomato sauce)
Spaghetti with meatballs
Lasagne Verdura/Carne
(Layered Pasta sheets with Italian sauce)
Penne Putanesca
(Pasta with a spicy sauce)



Fried Wanton
Curry Puffs
Chicken Satay
Spring Rolls
Tom Toms
(meat and vegetablefilling wrapped in crispy wanton skin)
Pie Tee
(finely julienned vegetables topped
with meat/prawns in a dainty crispy
case shaped like a top hat).
Thai Fish Cakes
Peking Duck (with wraps)
Sang Chow Bau
Gow Gee


Chicken or Lamb Curry
Satay with compressed rice
Gado Gado
Ayam Percik
Claypot Chicken Rice
BBQ meats – Roast Pork, Char Siu, Roast Chicken
Mee Siam
Fried noodles/Fried Vermicelli
Boiled Rice/Fried Rice
Roti Paratha



Dips – Spinach, Mexican, Bean
Spinach Triangles


Roast leg of Lamb with roast vegetables and potatoes
Roast Chicken
Quiche Lorraine
Shepherds Pie
Turkey and Leek Flan
Meat Pies


We can cater for special events like Full Moon Celebrations, Birthdays, Maternity Confinement and Baby Showers.

Some of our dishes we recommend include :

Full Moon red eggs
Nasi Kunyit
Chicken curry
Roastpork Trotters in black vinegar
Chicken with wine and ginger

Every order is specially designed for you so call us and find out more.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sydney Malaysian Restaurants

Try these links for Malaysian restaurants in Sydney
they are not especially recommended or anything like that just simply a list of what is out there.
Do your own research and try at your own risk

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chilis (Part 1)

Chili pepper is the fruit of plants from the genus Capsicum, which are members of the nightshade family, Solanaceae.The name chili comes from Nahuatl via the Spanish word chile
Chili peppers originated in the Americas; but are now grown around the world as spices or vegetables in cuisine, and occasionally as a medicine.

Chili peppers have been a part of the human diet in the Americas since at least 7500 BC. There is archaeological evidence at sites located in southwestern Ecuador that chili peppers were already well domesticated more than 6000 years ago, and were one of the first cultivated crops in the Americas.

The most common species of chili peppers are :
Capsicum annuum, which includes many common varieties such as bell peppers, paprika, cayenne, jalapeños, and the chiltepin
Capsicum frutescens, which includes the tabasco peppers
Capsicum chinense, which includes the hottest peppers such as the naga, habanero and Scotch bonnet
Capsicum pubescens, which includes the South American rocoto peppers
Capsicum baccatum, which includes the South American aji peppers

Culinary use

The chili has a long association with Mexican cuisine as later adapted into Tex-Mex cuisine. Although unknown in Asia until Europeans introduced it there, chili has also become a part of the Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Szechuan, Thai and other cooking traditions. Its popularity has seen it adopted into many cuisines of the World.

Chili fruit

The fruit is eaten raw or cooked for its fiery hot flavour which is concentrated along the top of the pod. The stem end of the pod has glands which produce the capsaicin, which then flows down through the pod. The white pith, that surrounds the seeds, contains the highest concentrations of capsaicin. Removing the seeds and inner membranes is thus effective at reducing the heat of a pod.

Fresh Indian Green Chilis

Chili is often sold worldwide as a spice in dried and powdered form. In the United States, it is often made from the Mexican chile ancho variety, but with small amounts of cayenne added for heat. In the Southwest United States, dried ground chili peppers, cumin, garlic and oregano is often known as chili powder. Chipotles are dry, smoked red (ripe) jalapeños.
Indian cooking has multiple uses for chilis, from snacks like bajji where the chilis are dipped in batter and fried to the infamously hot vindaloo. Chilis are also dried and roasted and salted for later use as a side dish for rice varieties like vadam (a kind of pappad). In Turkish or Ottoman cuisine, chilis are widely used where it is known as Kırmızı Biber (Red Pepper) or Acı Biber (Hot Pepper). Sambal is dipping sauce made from chili peppers with many other ingredients such as garlic, onion, shallots, salt, vinegar and sugar, which is very popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Chili powder is an important spice in Persian cuisine and is used moderately in a variety of dishes.